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Gloria L
Arvigo - Mayan Abdominal Massage Review of Tarana Wheelwright, RMT I'd been curious about Maya Abdominal Massage and its effect on Women's Health for quite some time and happy to discover Tarana was an Arvigo Therapist! The treatment itself was gentle and informed, she explained what she would be doing thoroughly and Explained the premis of the therapy as she performed it. She then followed up with self care instructions for at home to continue the good work she began in her clinic. Very impressed with her knowledge and genuine passion for her work. Thanks Tarana
Shonna H
Massage Excellent pre natal massage and eduction
Kisti T
relaxing postnatal massage Tarana really helped my aching back and shoulders from hours spent breastfeeding and sleeping on the couch.
Great experience Review of Tarana Wheelwright, RMT Even after just one Arvigo treatment with Tarana, I feel more connected with my body, and more in-tune with what my body needs. Tarana was non-judgmental, warm, and comforting.
Kristen C
Absolutely amazing! First appointment and got right down to where I needed it most. Relaxed atmosphere. Will be booking again and again!
Kalyn C
Great experience Review of Tarana Wheelwright, RMT Informative and effective massage therapy session! Great advice on Mayan techniques and after baby support garments.
Beth J
Prenatal massage Had the most amazing prenatal massage with Tarana last week, great cushioned set up (first time in 30 something weeks I've been able to lay face-down) and really able to address all the aches, stiffness, and discomfort associated with carrying twins. I will definitely be back, and for 90 minutes the next time!
Stephanie F
Tarana Tarana did an excellent job at both of my prenatal massages - both were perfect!
Carmen A
twin pregnancy Review of Tarana Wheelwright, RMT Tarana was fantastic at helping relieve many body aches with my twin pregnancy. Her knowledge, professionalism and clinical expertise is top quality.